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Supply Chain Management Consulting - Lebanon

Supply Chain Management Consulting

With a track record that demonstrates expertise, experience, and professionalism, our Supply Chain Management Consulting services cater to clients in Lebanon and throughout the region. Explore innovative solutions to optimize your supply chain, employing a range of approaches to enhance your business performance across strategic, tactical, and operational areas.

International Trade & Business Development – Lebanon

International Trade & Business Development

Enabling you to proficiently present your products on the global stage and achieve enduring export expansion. Through Our International Trade and Business Development solution, Our expert advice caters to entrepreneurs and organizations aiming to implement sustainable practices. business management practices and optimize their export operations.

SME Development - Lebanon

SME Development

Working alongside industry experts, we collectively innovate, comprehensive program aimed at equipping SMEs with the tools to expedite their development.

Our solution adopts a strategic framework for SME development, Tackling barriers to growth, both financial and non-financial, that inhibit SME expansion. This encompasses enhanced access to market opportunities, skill development, and funding, as well as promoting SME survival and business continuity.

NGO Capacity Building - Lebanon

NGO Capacity Building

Supporting the growth of a strong and thriving NGO industry.

By reinforcing the capabilities of these entities, Saber Middle East aims to catalyze their expansion and foster a more robust and dynamic NGO movement, ultimately bringing advantages to marginalized communities on a larger scope.

In Numbers


To help clarify the company achievements, sometimes numbers speak louder than words. Since 2010, we have worked with:

450+ clients in 16+ industries with 11,000+ training and coaching sessions and 130+ advisory projects delivered benefiting 7,000+ learners and certified professionals, including 3,200+ targeted youths and women beneficiaries, in more than 12 countries.


of our clients have rated our programs as Excellent.


of our clients were happy in their experience with us.


Net Promoter Score from our clients in comparison to the 50%+ World Class Average.


of our clients remain loyal to Saber Middle East and come back for further business..


We have a mission, when disruption becomes the norm, to help our partners move forward. Geared with knowledge and expert analyses, we provide solutions that effectively impact businesses and empower them to re-invent their models and elevate their local economies.


We have a vision to lead with operational consultancy, serving partners in the business community across the Middle East and North Africa, to reinvent and strengthen businesses with differentiated offerings so they can succeed in times of uncertainty.

who we are

We are a leading development firm providing management consulting and training services in Lebanon and the Middle East. We are a multidisciplinary group of experts with the right knowledge for your industry, bringing a diversified experience, acquired from working at multinational companies, to create real value and impact for your business.
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We are a leading development firm providing management consulting and training services in Lebanon and the Middle East

Management Consulting And Training Services In Lebanon

Management Consulting And Training Services

Saber Middle East offers management consulting and training services to executives across various sectors in Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Leveraging a decade of experience, we specialize in delivering High-End Certified Training and consulting services, honing our coaching expertise, and cultivating a reputation as workplace culture Business Consultants.Our dedication to achieving tangible outcomes and nurturing lasting enhancements remains steadfast..
Learning And Leadership Development Programs - Lebanon

Learning And Leadership Development Programs

Our learning and leadership development programs are thoughtfully constructed to empower groups of leaders to nurture a comprehensive understanding of the challenges affecting their organization and their leadership capacities. Our approach to learning and leadership development is characterized by its operational effectiveness and direct correlation to value creation.
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