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Supply Chain management consulting

Building efficient and agile systems that can compete in both, local and global markets.

What is it?

Today, more than ever, businesses are struggling to deal with unexpected changes related to world economies.

Do you have trouble organizing your orders? Are you having difficult times in collaborating among your suppliers, customers, and other partners? Are you running out of stock and space at your warehouse? Then, our Supply Chain and Operations Excellence solution is for you!

In a constantly changing world, businesses are struggling with unexpected disruptions related to shifts in world economies. Luckily, by optimizing your supply chain from end to end, you will be able to manage the risks of today’s market and build efficient and agile systems that can compete in local and global markets. Because at the end of the day, it is the supply chain that transforms a corporate strategy into the actual interaction among individuals inside and outside your organization.

Even if you think you have achieved a leading position in the industry, our solution on supply chain and operations excellence will keep you ahead of the market by exploiting new opportunities to enhance growth and improve your profits. Just ask yourself, what strategy are you using today to transform your supply chain into the strongest source of competitive advantage?

What do we offer?

Transforming your supply chain on various levels.
Discover new solutions in transforming your supply chain by acquiring the necessary techniques and using a variety of options to enhance the performance of your business on the strategic, tactical, and operational levels.


Strategic Level

Supply Chain Strategy

Logistics Network (Re)Design

Supply Chain Risk Management

Tactical Level

Procurement Spend Analysis

Sales & Operations Planning

Business Process Re-engineering

Operational Level

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Inventory Optimization

Warehouse Space Management

What can you expect?

After implementing the solutions you can look forward to learning how to:

Strengthen strategies for your supply chain and risk management

Structure demand for products that is synchronized with the ability to deliver

Minimize disruptions in your supply chains

Improve logistics, distribution schedules, and transport

Optimize use of storage and warehouse facilities

Enhance the performance of your business

Reduce costs after performance monitoring and operations planning

What our clients are saying

Ms. Yusr Sabra,

the CEO of Wakilni,

praised Saber Middle East’s professional team: “Their knowledge and understanding of our needs helped create new roles within the organization, find optimal solutions for our business, and ultimately reduce our operating expenses.”

Mr. Rabih Bou Nassif,

the Supply Chain Manager for L'Atelier du Miel,

comments that Saber Middle East team is a “group of skilled professionals who guided [his] staff to amazingly reach the unexpected.”

Ms. Wadad Lahad,

the Regional Purchasing Manager for C-Food International,

believes that this program is “an added value and a support for any company operation”. She recommends the course because “A course with Saber [Middle East] is a gathering of experiences, thoughts and theory. It is always interesting to attend the course and go through discussions and explore other perspectives.”

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