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CISCP - Certified International Supply Chain Professional

Accredited by IPSCMI - USA

Are you searching for an introductory course
on International Supply Chain?

This program covers the definitions and basic supply chain management terminology and the functions of supply chain management and logistics, supply chain decisions, supply chain designs, global supply chains, and virtual supply chains.

Candidates studying for this qualification will require to attend 18 guided learning hours, in addition to self-paced studying and readings in order to complete the certification program.

Production Planning

Inventory Management



Distribution channels

Stock Management


Quality Assurance

What can you expect?

Understand the different types of supply chains, supply chain management, distribution channel, demand management, distribution management, and logistics management.

List and describe the various components of a supply chain.

Explain the role of information systems and information technology in supply chain management

Realize the functions of supply chain management and logistics and different supply chain designs.

Assess the relationship between supply chain/logistics strategy and the structure of the organization

Evaluate how organizational structure affects performance.

Comprehend the purchasing, transportation, inventory management, production planning and control, physical distribution, and MIS functions as they relate to Supply Chain Management.

Describe the process of Supply Chain Management Performance Measurement and the future of Supply Chain Management.

How is it delivered?

The program is delivered over

1 month, twice a week

The language of instruction is in


The reading materials are in English

All of our programs combine

Theory and Practice

for maximum engagement from participants

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