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USPEaK - Teaching Women Entrepreneurship

March 16, 2023


The Ask

USPEaK's aim is to serve better education, raise the level of awareness, promote citizenship, and build democracy foundations for a peaceful country. Among their numerous projects in Lebanon, the organization proposed “Teaching Women Entrepreneurship”, with a single goal in mind: giving women an independent leading role in local communities.

The initiative was set to impact 640 women between 20 and 45 years of age, in order to teach them new skills (English, leadership and entrepreneurship) that would eventually help them open their micro-businesses and enhance their social and economic status.

For this purpose, Saber ME was asked to design an 80-hour curriculum comprised of 8 modules, within 6 to 8 weeks, then train 32 entrepreneurship trainers on the curriculum.

The Answer

Saber ME designed an 8-module book for at-risk women who seek to become independent entrepreneurs. The focus of this book was to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial quality and motivation in the beneficiaries of this project. It also aimed to impart basic entrepreneurial skills and understandings to run a business efficiently and effectively.

The book covered the essentials of entrepreneurship, starting with the entrepreneurial concept and value creation, to how to write a business plan, and then moving towards running the business via the fundamentals of management, leadership, marketing, sales and finance.

Each module featured various schematics and figures, reflections and examples, box exercises and/or box activities, in addition to module summaries and a questions bank with answers.

The Results

Following 24 weeks of intensive training on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, democracy, women’s rights, and other leadership topics, beneficiaries gained the know-how and acquired the necessary skills to start up and manage a business of their own. Women in 32 regions, with 2/3 of them in Bekaa & South Lebanon were successfully geared with the knowledge and tools that will help them plan a brighter future as they earn their living, independently.

Today, 335 of the program's participants have launched small businesses!


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